Monday, July 14, 2008

What the Fu#@!

So the people at The New Yorker published this week's copy of the magazine. The cover, shown here, is an illustration of Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim and his wife looking like a terrorist. There's an American flag burning in the background below a picture of Osama bin Laden.

They called it satire and said 'Their readers are sophisticated enough to get the joke'.

Are they for real? I have no problem with satire. My whole life is based on satire. The problem is, there had to have been AT LEAST 50 people who saw this cover before it went to the printer. And not a single of them had the, guts, desire or foresight to see that this cover would offend people who were not their readers. I'm sure some of their readers were offended as well. This right here...this cover and this arrogance is exactly WHY BLACK MEN SNAP.

Are you mad? Here's the e-mail address of the guy who drew the picture. E-mail him and tell him to have a nice day. His name is Barry Blitt.

Here's the Publishing Director. Give him a holla too. His name is Drew Schutte.

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